Dr. Maha Abboud

Dr. Maha Abboud: Director of diabetes Center. Board certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology.

"I see a lot of patients with diabetic neuropathy and severe leg pain. I was very happy to know Dr. Patodia. The patient's that I have referred to her are very pleased with her care and results. She manages their pain diligently and personalizes each patients care."













Dr. Lisa Pilage

Dr. Lisa Pilage: Board certified in Occupational and emergency Medicine.

"We have referred several patients for pain management to Dr.Patodia. We have seen very good results the services that she has provided for our occupational healthcare patients."













Dr. Richard Shin

Dr. Richard Shin: Board Certified orthopedic surgeon specialized in hand surgery.

"I have used Dr. Patodia's expertise in the areas of chronic pain management. I had referred her a female patient who had under gone radial tunnel decompression. The patient continues to have postoperative pain,which was sympathetically mediated. She had improved significantly with a series of bier block."