Pain can be a debilitating force that affects not only one's body, but also one's whole life.

Pain can come in many different forms: a distressing sensation in a part of ones body, a general sense of suffering or distress, or mental and emotional suffering.

Suffering and distress is likely to be more pervasive in those patients who experience chronic (lasting more than six months) and severe pain. In addition to body pain, chronic pain patients are also likely to experience pain-related problems in their work, family, financial, and social life.

Dr. Shobhana Patodia Dr. Shobhana Patodia, a board-certified pain specialist and the founder of Forum Pain Management Clinic, has worked successfully to decrease or eliminate pain and improve the quality of life for patients by using modern medical techniques and a multidisciplinary approach.

The treatment plan for any particular patient is developed on an individual, collaborative basis, but may include some of the following professionals:

  • Primary care physician
  • Neurosurgeon
  • Neurologist
  • Psychologist
  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Physical therapist

Forum Pain Management Clinic Patients at Forum Pain Management Clinic have either been referred by their primary care physician or are self-referred. Many attend the Clinic after hearing about it from family, friends, or pain-related support group members.
Forum Pain Management Clinic is a mid-sized, community-based practice. This allows Dr. Patodia to provide a patient-centered combination of personalized contact, consistent care, and modern treatments for both chronic and acute pain problems. Although her practice is community-based, Dr. Patodia has the ability to provide a range of treatments (see related pages), from medications and office-based injections to modern technological innovations such as spinal cord stimulators and morphine pumps. Because one of the Forum offices is located at a community hospital, Dr. Patodia has easy access to inpatient facilities and other healthcare professionals when needed.

Assistance with directions, scheduling appointments, and insurance issues is available from the office managers at Forum Pain Management Clinic, Roxana Augusto and Yolanda Rivera.

Forum Pain Management Clinic is in compliance with the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organization standards for pain management.